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Creative people develop and build on their creativity, but, it’s a tank they need to constantly refill.

Travel, yoga, meditation, experiences, reading, there are very many ways that help designers feel creative.

Watching a ceiling fans oscillations or just how nature is so beautiful, anything could click.

They don’t know what would either!

It’s a fun field,free and liberating, but there are two sides to a coin.

Many atimes, a designer could feel blocked or un-able, for absolutely no obvious reason and could be absolutely unexpected too.



The fear of not being able, able to create enough.

Or the fear of not being able to create something wow.


Sometimes their confidence shakes, or is shaken, and the designer is in a block, they are unable to trust themselves, sometimes to even pick up the pen.


The stress of a deadline, could be delivery,completion, an important visit, anything could make one anxious.

One could be in such situations because of reasons outside their work too, a sick kid, a mishap,a fight anything could disturb a designer.

The importance of a free mind is underrated.


1- Nature walk

The beauty and depth of nature is inspiring to many, a walk in nature could help one unwind and feel refreshed.


Practicing a hobby helps deviate ones energy, a shift in energies is a good way to refill ones creative tank.

3-Speaking to someone who motivates you

We all have a go-to person who helps us rewind our system by reminding us how awesome we are, give them a call 🙂


A good workout releases the stress, frees the mind and calms the soul!


A good, mindful dil-khush meal helps alot, the feeling of satisfaction and completeness could help release stress and bring the cap back on 🙂


Apart from avoiding getting into the obvious loops, one must not:

1-Discuss the design block alot

It’s a problem that can only get aggravated by discussion, when you know how to destress, do just that.

2-Opening up to the client

If you’re really lucky, they’d understand, but most often than not,it’s something the client wouldn’t get, avoid discussion, take a day off and fix it.

3- Delivering under pressure

You could make mistakes you’d regret later, and it’s something someone’s investing their soul into, take a day off than delivering something you don’t feel yourself in.

A creative tank is a designers most important asset, have respect for it and build it with happiness and calmness 🙂

**All the images have been picked from Pinterest, only to support my point.

They are not our designs, but are certainly in sync with our design understanding 🙂

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