Roped Design, Founders

Ashita Talwar & Arushi Wadhwa

It was 2014, urban clap used to offer Interior design services, by joining their team one could find projects locally.

Visiting clients to change their style of curtains, furniture, and flooring and slowly gearing up to a 2-bedroom apartment, Roped design was born.

Ashita curated and sold the best out-of-waste products at exhibitions in Delhi and made the best of all the waste. People with a design bend saw it in her and trusted her with residential and commercial projects. 

Our car tire seats and tables were loved!

After 3 completed projects, 5 projects being fooled at and 7 projects that never began but were worked on, Arushi joined hands with her sister opening the door to a big opportunity.

Together they designed and executed a residence for a relative, 6000 sqft, 3 floors. Color and design screaming from every corner this house was their dream project. Variety of materials, customized lights, customized furniture, terrace, home theatre, everything in one house.

The lights in this house are all made by us, yes made!

This honest project led to the next and that to the next and there was no looking back.

Today in Bangalore and Delhi, we design projects and build relations in all of India. 

Lucky or hardworking, we have found amazing clients and have done projects that have shone to the expectations of the clients.

We want to do projects that make us and the clients feel the glow 🙂

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