Area : 6000sqft
Location : Greater Noida

This Villa at Jaypee Greens Golf Course in Greater Noida was a project that every designer dreams for. Where clients trust you with full faith and let’s your creative juices flow.

Therefore, there is not a single inch of this 6000 sqft villa that is not curated by us. From bright colored doors to using a log of wood in the powder room with an interesting hexagon honeycomb mirror on the ceiling.

There is play of texture material and finishes in the house. It’s impossible to choose our favourite space.

The mandir in the center of the house partially covered with Mangalore tiles that bring in an interesting play of light throughout the day. You will see lots of rustic furniture, exposed brick walls, wood and metal details around the house.

Customized lights with metal and rope, a 7ft tall chandelier that binds the double height staircase well with a splash of color on the wall.

We designed the terrace with natural wood deck with each plank being polished by hand. We used left over tiles and hand built planters around metal columns for plants to climb up over time.

There’s so much to experience in this house. We truly believe no one can ever get bored of this space.

The Villa went across magazines and pages and visits and turned our life around.

If there’s only one project that could tell you what we do, this is it.