Roped Design

Keith Keller

Roped Design, Founders

Ashita Talwar & Arushi Wadhwa

Roped Design, established in 2014 by Ashita W Talwar, thrives on the strong sibling bond between Ashita and her architect sister, Arushi Wadhwa. Their synergy combines design expertise and determination. Beginning in Delhi, Roped Design undertook diverse projects across Delhi NCR. Their journey revealed a passion for interior design and a knack for unconventional creativity.

Their innovative products forged connections and resonated with like-minded individuals.

Each project at Roped Design unveils more about their design identity, strengthening relationships and ideologies.

From Delhi to Bangalore, they’ve expanded while remaining committed to their process.

Beyond design, the sisters engage in discussions about literature, zero waste living, healthcare, and traditional Indian attire.

In essence, Roped Design crafts spaces and connections that endure.

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